Frequently Asked Questions

Learning at MNVSS centers on relationships and interactions - between student and teacher and among students.

  • Our curriculum is developed by our teachers, focusing on the question of what students will create and how they will share it with others.
  • MNVSS students attain the Minnesota graduation requirements while defining their unique identities and interests.
  • Our enrollment is intentionally small, so that students and families receive the attention they deserve.

What is this school like?

What is this school like?

At MNVSS you can make your own daily or weekly schedule, but you won't be working on your own. Your teachers, online coordinator, counselor, school staff, and other students all play important roles in your learning.

A typical week at MNVSS:

  • Each day you'll login to Odysseyware to check for announcements or messages from your teachers or online coordinator.
  • You'll also login to each class to begin working. You'll need to spend 60-90 minutes per day for each online course. (If you are taking one course, that's 5-8 hours per week. If you are taking six courses, that's at least 6 hours per day.)
  • Courses are designed so that activities, discussions, and responses to teachers' feedback can be completed and submitted at any time of day. However, we recommend you work on all of your courses each school day. This way you can contact your teachers with questions and incorporate their feedback as you work.
  • Students have opportunities to revise and resubmit their work in response to teacher feedback.
  • Your teachers and online coordinator are available by phone, e-mail, and Odysseyware messaging. You can also set up times to meet your teachers via Skype or in their classrooms during office hours.
  • Each week you will attend a meeting (in person or via Skype) with your online coordinator to check in and track your progress. These meetings are intended to help you stay on track to successfully complete your course on time, and may be extended to bi-weekly meetings depending on your progress and commitment to logging in each day.

What computer do I need?

All you need to get started at MNVSS is daily access to a relatively new computer with a high speed internet connection!

Are there teachers?

Yes! Behind each of our courses is a MN-licensed teacher who loves his or her subject!

  • Every course is developed by the person teaching it.
  • The MNVSS academic program is interactive - teachers communicate with students and families in many ways, including Odysseyware messaging, e-mail, telephone, and in person or Skype meetings.
  • Teachers login periodically throughout the school day to grade assignments or provide feedback, so they typically respond to students and families within 24 hours.
  • Upon request, teachers are available to meet with you during office hours to provide extra support or assistance.

What does the online coordinator do?

The main role of the online coordinator is to help you succeed. Some of the duties involved include:

  • Scheduling and conducting weekly or bi-weekly meetings to discuss your progress and help you stay on track.
  • Providing program and technical support.
  • Providing academic support. Your online coordinator will work closely with your counselors and teachers to make sure you are getting the attention and resources you need and deserve.
  • Monitoring your enrollment status and enrolling you in future courses.
  • Tracking and monitoring your attendance in the program, as regular attendance is vitally important for completing courses successfully.

Can I graduate from my bricks-and-mortar school?

Part-time (supplemental) students may graduate from their local school. Your school counselor will verify that the course(s) you take at MNVSS are part of your graduation plan and meet state and local graduation requirements.

Is there a cost?

MNVSS is a public school, open to Minnesota residents under 21 years of age. MNVSS is free for these students:

  • Minnesota residents who physically live in the state and do not attend a private or home school.
  • Full-time enrolled students (Comprehensive)
  • Part-time enrolled students (Supplemental) - Students who are enrolled part-time at another MN public school.
Tuition is required for these students:

  • Non-Minnesota residents, or Minnesota residents who plan to live outside the state for more than 15 school days.
  • Students who exceed full-time enrollment.
  • Home-schooled students.
  • Private school students.
Required tuition is $550.00 for each semester course during the school year.

How does online Phys. Ed. work?

Our PE course provides what physical education should be!
Students learn about:

  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Flexibility
  • Strength and endurance activities
  • Exercise routines that sustain students for life!