At MNVSS, we provide a world class online education

for middle and high school-aged students.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, able to offer high quality curriculum that is adaptable to meet the needs of each and every student.

Connect | Learn | Grow

Welcome to the Minnesota Virtual School for Success!

Even though you're online, you're still a part of something bigger! Here, you'll find the individualized attention and the empowering feeling of accomplishment to help you succeed in the online world and beyond. MNVSS offers parents and students full-time communication via our online coordinator, teachers, and counselors, in order to best help students stay on track and advance to their full potential.

"Success comes from beating on your craft each and every day." - Will Smith

At MNVSS, parents and students will be able to access online classes through Odysseyware, a highly awarded portal. Parents and students will have the ability to:

• Track student progress
• Advance at the student's rate
• Contact our Minnesota licensed teachers with questions or concerns
• Contact our online coordinator with questions, issues, or technical difficulties

We believe that success comes along with hard work and determination. Students who set their sights and work hard, succeed - period. Online K-12 education requires a great deal of internal motivation, as classes are often done at your own pace. However, deadlines still exist, and at MNVSS our expectations are high. We suggest you make sure to have a plan 'A', and forget wasting time with a plan 'B'.

The online program through {MNVSS} is one of the most well organized and put together groups that I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe how supportive everyone was in helping my child succeed.

Parent of MNVSS Student

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